7 Mar 2018

NBL legend Hayden Allen has made the tough decision not to return to the SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks for 2018. Here is his personal message to Shar...

24 Nov 2017

H is coming back. As Hayden Allen announces his return to Sharks' waters for the 2018 NBL, we look back at some of his big plays from 2017.

23 Nov 2017

SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks Head Coach Judd Flavell joins us to discuss Hayden Allen's return for 2018, the state of his roster, the Sharks' Summer...

22 Nov 2017

New Zealand NBL legend Hayden Allen discusses his return to the SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks for 2018, his love for the south and for swandris.

21 Nov 2017

He may have lost count of the number of NBL seasons he has played, but that hasn't stopped Hayden Allen adding another, today confirming his return to...

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