Weeks roars into MVP race

May 14, 2019


The votes are in for R5 of the Sal's NBL and we have joint-leaders at the top of the TAB MVP Leaderboard.

Here's who polled the votes in each game.

Rams vs Giants
Isaiah Wilkins (Rams) 10
Rhys Vague (Giants) 8
Jordair Jett (Giants) 5
Emmett Naar (Rams) 5
Mike Karena (Rams) 1
Alex Talma (Rams) 1

Sharks vs Giants
Jarrad Weeks (Sharks) 10
Jordair Jett (Giants) 8
Alex Pledger (Sharks) 6
Tom Vodanovich (Sharks) 3
Rhys Vague (Giants) 2
Tyrell Harrison (Giants) 1

Hawks vs Airs
Brandon Bowman (Hawks) 10
Dion Prewster (Hawks) 8
Alonzo Burton (Airs) 6
Jamaal Mikahio (Hawks) 2
Derone Raukawa (Airs) 2
EJ Singler (Hawks) 2

Jets vs Saints
Kuran Iverson (Jets) 9
Daishon Knight (Jets) 9
Reuben Te Rangi (Saints) 5
Shea Ili (Saints) 4
Nick Kay (Saints) 2
Wally Ellenson (Jets) 1

Rangers vs Airs
Tim Quarterman (Rangers) 10
Venky Jois (Rangers) 8
Derone Raukawa (Airs) 5
Chris Early (Airs) 4
Dane Brooks (Airs) 2
Nnanna Egwu (Rangers) 1

Huskies vs Sharks
Jarrad Weeks (Sharks) 10
Tre Nichols (Huskies) 7
Hyrum Harris (Sharks) 7
Marcel Jones (Huskies) 3
Alex Pledger (Sharks) 2
Todd Blanchfield (Sharks) 1 

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