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Sharks assist at SBA Holiday Camp

There are no holidays in the NBL season. With school holidays in full swing, the SIT Zero Fees Southland Sharks have been lending a hand at today's Basketball Southland School Holiday camp.

With SBA Development Officer and former Shark, Dan Peck running the cutter, the Sharks players have taken time out of their week to help. Luke Aston, Derone Raukawa, Nick Kay, Mitch Norton, Reuben Te Rangi, Duane Bailey, James Hunter and Alex Pledger are all on duty over the next couple of days as the team prepares for this weekend's Week Six battle with Nelson Giants at ILT Stadium Southland on Saturday night.

There was some good skills on show and some interesting revelations at question time after Nick and Mitch's session this morning.

Nick was asked what size balls he plays with. After some clarification he responded with size 7 basketballs. Mitch told us he wanted to play soccer as a kid but the coach never turned up so he tried his hand at basketball instead, fouling out of every single game in his first season while he learnt the rules. And after some quick maths we worked out that Nick has been playing ball for 16 years. "That's longer than I've been alive'" came the call from the floor.

It is really great to see your Sharks giving back to the sport and doing such a great job with the youngsters.

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