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NBL to introduce Transfer window

As the Sal's NBL works towards an exciting 39th season in 2020, a new initiative aimed at further supporting players and teams will see the introduction of a transfer window where players can move teams under a certain set of circumstances.

Under the NBL's new Competitive Balance System all player agreements will be lodged with the league, and while players will have a window of opportunity to transfer to a new team, a change of scenery can only take place if a termination clause in an agreement has been invoked by the player or team, or if a player and team mutually agree to part ways.

The transfer window will open after the completion of the opening round of the season and will close prior to the start of round eight, allowing players with enough time to qualify for finals with their new team should they make a move.

Sal's NBL General Manager Justin Nelson believes the window will provide a greater opportunity for players and teams to make positive changes that might lead to a better fit, but he stressed that players couldn't just get up and change teams because they felt like it or equally a team couldn't just cut a player.

"The transfer window is an opportunity for both players and teams in a circumstance where a termination clause has correctly been invoked, which from time to time can happen. If something happens it means a player or a team isn't left without options, there is a chance for a change," Nelson said.

"At the same time, if a player and team mutually agree to go in a different direction and they both agree to do something different, even if it sits outside a termination clause in a player agreement, the league will consider the circumstances and the transfer window is there to be used.

"But if a termination clause isn't invoked, any departure has to be mutually agreed to. The transfer window isn't about a player getting up and walking out or a team letting a player go without reason. If that sort of thing happens a transfer won't be allowed," Nelson stressed.

The transfer window is expected to add another layer of interest and talking points, something Nelson says is "imperative" as the league looks to become even more engaging with the media and the fans.

"The Sal's NBL is a very media-friendly organisation, I think we proved that last season and always fronted up to every situation, good or bad. We consider ourselves to be leaders in that space," said Nelson.

"This is another move that supports the league's efforts in being a leader when it comes to working with the media and being a topic of conversation amongst our fans and those with an interest in basketball.

"We really want to lead the way and help the media engage with their readers, viewers and listeners. This is a transparent league that wants to go above and beyond with the media and our fans, and in order to do that we need to be a bit creative and add some exciting elements to our game."

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