Sal's NBL Season 2020 Schedule Released

The Sal's NBL 2020 schedule has been released, with League GM Justin Nelson saying it is "focused on the fans and the league's growing television audience."

The season will feature 75 games, including semi-finals and the grand final which will move away from the previous Final 4 format at one venue and instead be played on the home court of the highest placed teams.

The league will also soon release its broadcast schedule with Nelson stating the plan is to broadcast all 75 games.

"We want to broadcast every game in 2020. We want every basketball fan and sports lover to be able to watch every Sal's NBL game," said Nelson.

"We have a great partnership in place with SKY Sports, and we also showed games last season on Stuff and the Tribe Sports App. We're finalising the schedule with all of our partners right now.

"This is a high calibre league in a country that can't get enough of basketball, so we want to make our games available to everyone, be it at the stadium or watching away from the stadium.

"The broadcast schedule will be the best the league has ever seen."

The new season will feature eight teams with the Franklin Bulls set to step into the league, while the competition's new Competitive Balance System is also set to be a hot talking point.

The schedule will have games on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday each round, the Saints will also play two Monday night games in June, while the league will break for the inaugural 3X3 National Cup at ILT Stadium Southland in late May.

"It's an exciting schedule, the action simply doesn't stop. From Easter weekend all the way through to the end of July we will see Sal's NBL games coming thick and fast," Nelson added.

"We can't wait to bring the 3X3 National Cup to life as well."

For the first time the league will also introduce a Rivalry Round, which is slated for Round 4.

"Personally I think everyone is a rival, that's the beauty of sport, but we wanted to add a bit of spice and take the competitiveness amongst the fans in particular to a higher level. Hopefully rivalry round is something we can build on," Nelson said.

Some standout games include the Hawks hosting the Saints to start the season (April 9) in an anticipated 2019 Grand Final re-match, the Hawks welcome the Bulls on Anzac Day, the Jets and Saints will have a stand-alone game on the last weekend of May, while the Saints will deliver two Monday night games in June against the Bulls and Hawks.

There's also a chance the round 2 game between the Rams and Giants will be played at Horncastle Arena in front of over 4,000 fans.

"There's a lot to look forward to, it will be a very competitive season," said Nelson, adding "I encourage everyone to grab a membership or season ticket, support your team and enjoy the action."

Round 1

Thursday April 9 @ 7pm / Giants vs Jets / Trafalgar Centre

Thursday April 9 @ 7:30pm / Hawks vs Saints / Pettigrew Green Arena

Friday April 10 @ 7:00pm / Bulls vs Sharks / TBC

Saturday April 11 @ 7pm / Rams vs Airs / Cowles Stadium

Sunday April 12 @ 2pm / Jets vs Sharks / The Ballroom

Sunday April 12 @ 4pm / Saints vs Airs / TSB Bank Arena

Round 2

Thursday April 16 @ 7:30pm / Saints vs Sharks / TSB Bank Arena

Friday April 17 @ 7pm / Bulls vs Airs / TBC

Friday April 17 @ 7pm / Rams vs Giants / TBC

Friday April 17 @ 7pm / Hawks vs Sharks / Pettigrew Green Arena

Saturday April 18 @ 7pm / Giants vs Airs / Trafalgar Centre

Sunday April 19 @ 2pm / Jets vs Bulls / The Ballroom

Round 3

Thursday April 23 @ 7:30pm / Rams vs Jets / Cowles Stadium

Friday April 24 @ 7pm / Sharks vs Jets / ILT Stadium Southland

Friday April 24 @ 7pm / Saints vs Giants / TSB Bank Arena

Saturday April 25 @ 7pm / Hawks vs Bulls / Pettigrew Green Arena

Sunday April 26 @ 7pm / Airs vs Hawks / TSB Stadium

Round 4 (Rivalry Round)

Thursday April 30 @ 7:30pm / Saints vs Rams / TSB Bank Arena

Friday May 1 @ 7pm / Airs vs Bulls / TSB Stadium

Saturday May 2 @ 7pm / Sharks vs Giants / ILT Stadium Southland

Saturday May 2 @ 7pm / Hawks vs Jets / Pettigrew Green Arena

Sunday May 3 @ 4pm / Rams vs Sharks / Cowles Stadium

Round 5

Thursday May 7 @ 7pm / Saints vs Airs / TSB Bank Arena

Thursday May 7 @ 7:30pm / Sharks vs Hawks / ILT Stadium Southland

Friday May 8 @ 7pm / Bulls vs Saints / TBC

Saturday May 9 @ 7pm / Airs vs Giants / TSB Stadium

Saturday May 9 @ 7pm / Rams vs Hawks / Cowles Stadium

Sunday May 10 @ 4pm / Jets vs Giants / The Ballroom

Round 6

Thursday May 14 @ 7:30pm / Giants vs Saints / Trafalgar Centre

Friday May 15 @ 7pm / Bulls vs Rams / TBC

Friday May 15 @ 7pm / Airs vs Sharks / TSB Stadium

Saturday May 16 @ 7pm / Hawks vs Rams / Pettigrew Green Arena

Sunday May 17 @ 2pm / Jets vs Sharks / The Ballroom

Round 7

Thursday May 21 @ 7:30pm / Rams vs Saints / Cowles Stadium

Friday May 22 @ 7pm / Sharks vs Saints / ILT Stadium Southland

Friday May 22 @ 7pm / Bulls vs Giants / TBC

Saturday May 23 @ 7pm / Airs vs Bulls / TSB S